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A bit about me, my wife and my friends...

So, who’s this person you’re thinking of trusting with your party? Well, that’s me in Turkey with some friends; I’m the one diving in. I’m simply a normal, friendly person who gets to DJ for lots of other normal, friendly people. I do this at amazing parties across the UK, Europe and the world. I’m happy DJing anywhere people want to have a party.

Me and my wife Roz live in Hove. Roz is a national journalist and a comic, I’m a full time DJ. We got married recently so I also understand exactly what my wedding couples want: a great party full of the brilliant party music that’s made up their lives so far – music all their guests love, played in a style that is ‘them’ not ‘mobile disco DJ’.

My friends are just like my clients; normal, fun, professional and successful people in their late 20s, 30s and 40s. They’re friendly people who work hard and play hard. Just like me and you, they love having a party, eating, drinking and catching up with each other. They book me to DJ at their events and recommend me to their friends because they trust me to make sure everyone has a great time.

My skills have led to award-winning event companies and international wedding planners recommending me to Madonna, Raymond Blanc, the Orient Express, The British Snowboarding Championships, world-leading companies, awesome festivals, and lots of lovely but less well known people.

I believe everybody I DJ for deserves a brilliant and unforgettable time. So I hope you trust me enough to call for a chat and then work with me to make your event brilliant for everyone.

Watch me DJing at a beach party in Dubai, The British Snowboarding Championships 10th Birthday, and playing a request, The Black Eyes Peas, at a wedding.

‘Mitch is like a genie; always turns up just when you need him and makes your day a happier one.’
Polly, Marketing Director, The Big Chill